whoAluxio was founded by a team of executives from a cross-section of industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Real Estate, Leasing, Digital Media, and the Internet.  These same founders have personally owned and managed luxury properties for over 20 years across diverse locations such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Mexico, Asia, and Europe. The idea for Aluxio emerged from their personal frustrations over the lack of quality services available for remote owners.  There were always plenty of “property managers” focused on short term rentals as well as the odd “handyman” who would emerge to do some quick work and then disappear – leaving nothing but a vague (and often expensive) bill behind.  Yet, no one showed interest in addressing the overall, specific needs of the remote homeowner.

Aluxio stands apart by offering the scale and professionalism to apply a comprehensive, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach to luxury homes. Our interests are totally aligned with those of the customers we serve – namely, to provide personalized, high-quality oversight of luxury homes so that the owners can truly enjoy their time in the home.

Finally, Aluxio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Resource Management Systems, a successful Denver-based business with over 25 years of experience managing diverse assets in a highly-regulated service industry.

Scottsdale Pilot Program

We were excited when we bought our vacation home in Paradise Valley.  It was intended to be a true retreat to escape the cold weather and recapture some quiet time away from our demanding business lives.  Unfortunately, we found that we were spending far too much time in dealing with maintenance issues and coordinating vendors to get even the simplest things done. ..."

– Bonnie H.

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